Monday, 29 August 2011



Sponge Tree Under 5's sessions are colour themed. 
Each week we focus on a different colour because young children relate well to this concept. 
Colour also links to seasonal activities and introduces children to the natural world and environment around them.
Each session is tailored and prepared to suit children of 5 years old and under. 
It is also designed for carers to interact with their children and to learn new skills along the way.

As well as being educational, each colour allows children to explore using all 5 senses and to develop their natural ability to create and connect with the world outside.

The sessions last for 1 hour and every week we have themed arts and crafts, stories and music time.













To ensure correct supervision at the sessions we ask people to attend on a 1 adult : 2 children ratio. 
This also gives more children and carers the opportunity to take part.

Sponge Tree run sessions specifically designed for children under 5 years old. We deliver these weekly at Bradford based children centres, community centres and church halls.
The programme runs weekly, focusing on a colour and links to the seasons and the changes in nature. Each week the children learn about a colour, create a piece of artwork to take home and a record sheet highlighting what they have learnt that week. The children leave with a mission to help them connect with the natural world around them.
We have written the sessions to include activities that develop, creative, social, fine motor skills, decision making, sensory stimulation and also a school ready element which also includes brain gym. We also play a range of music linked to the chosen colour of the week.
These session have a maximum number of 15 children and a strict ratio of 1 adult to 2 children.
The sessions last 1 hour. The cost is £70 this includes all materials.
We also run family days and targeted Father’s with their children workshops for the children centres at weekends. We design activities specifically for these sessions.
The cost of these sessions are £70 per hour.  Materials are included , unless
you require a specific project and materials are costly.


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Learn, make + sell event FEEDBACK

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. We really would like to repeat a similar concept in the future as we really enjoyed delivering this project. Here's a few things some of you said about the event.

"Really enjoyed the workshop day and the selling training was really useful. The week has given me the confidence to take another stall at another craft fair, which is what I wanted from the week. Thank you for all your help."

"Good experience, has opened my eyes! Be great to do it all again soon...thanks so much for your help!"

"A great (but intense) week of learning. I feel totally prepared to take the craft market world on! I learnt lots and made lots and shall be doing more crafty business soon. Thanks."

"Lovely day, lovely week! Didn't matter that I didn't sell anything! Feel so inspired and uplifted by the warm, supportive atmosphere of the group. I'll def be finding time now to do more of this crafty business! Thank you." 

"I enjoyed the week and have become more inspired to create many different things."

Friday, 19 August 2011

Learn, make + sell event CRAFT FAIR

The craft fair went very well and we hope all the participants learnt alot from the experience. The tables looked fantastic and everyone worked very hard to get things made on time. We think all the table displays were very well planned out and each participant came across as professional and dealt with the public fantastically. WELL DONE!!!

Amy Spencer's table

Elizabeth's table

Lucy + Abigail's table

Craft fair shot
Helen's table

Sponge Tree also provided a children's activity in the meeting room.
Bee seed beads!
Which is a paper bead and a paper mulch of red clover seeds is added to the bead. This can then be planted to grow clover to attract the bees into your garden.

Learn, make + sell event Maker-Seller Training

The maker to seller training was split into two 2 hour sessions. Participants spent the first part practising and creating a display for their items. Then as a group we all discussed each others displays. We gave each other positive comments and also ways in which we would do things differently.
The next part we talked about pricing our items and how we would decide on a price for each thing we had made. Then at the end of the session participants had the opportunity to label and price their items, ready for the craft fair. Participants were then able to research on the internet other ways of selling craft items, such as Folksy and Etsy.
Nicola spent time with each participant and talked about presentation with the public and ideas on how to sell your work to members of the public.
Display ideas

Practising setting up a table

Practising setting up a table

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Learn, make + sell event

Day 1 of the event was very successful. The workshop was textiles and we sectioned it into four parts.
1) Meet and greet-
When everyone was settled in the cafe area of Baildon Community Link, with a lovely cuppa, particpants were asked to look through various crafting magazines, books and examples. This helped the group to focus on which things they would prefer to create. We all introduced ourselves and talked about our craft experiences and knowledge.

Magazines recommended: Sew Hip, Handmade living, Making, Simply Homemade
Books recommended: Green Crafts for children, Sew! Cath Kidston, Making Stuff For Kids, Sew it up, Lotta Prints, Printed Pattern

2) After the short time of gathering thoughts and ideas, it was time for demonstrations.
First demonstration Wet Felting Techniques.
3)Second demonstration Hand Printing Techniques onto fabric
4)Get Creating! - After lunch it was time to select fabrics, buttons, zips, wool,tools, needles, thread, sewing machine and put all these ideas into practice!! Sponge Tree helped with ideas and techniques but most of the making came from the participants. It was lovely to step back and watch people getting creative. Everybody had different experiences and knowledge within the crafting world and everyone came up with fantastic ideas and did some wonderful items.
At 4pm participants were asked to take all materials needed home with them to produce at least 10 items, to then bring back and sell at the craft fair on Friday!!
Hooray what a lovely, exciting day!

We hope to see you there?? There will be a free children's activity available.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Clay tile workshop today with families with young children.

Thanks to everyone who helped make a clay tile at Bingley Trinity 5 Rise Childrens Centre this morning. We think you all did a wonderful job. The activity was great for all ages from 18 mths +.
The tiles are made from air drying clay and found, recycled and natural small objects were pressed in and left to dry or used to make fantastic prints onto the clay. We put two holes in the top of the tile so they can be threaded and hung in your favourite space, when dry!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Local Makers Fair Friday 19th August 10am - 2pm

 Come along and support local makers from the Bradford area. This is the final part of the Learn, Make + Sell Event and the makers need your support with in our local community. If you are a local maker why not join us and sell some of your wares at £10 per table?