Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Glennaire Nursery Workshop

Sponge Tree also deliver workshops to Glennaire Nursery, as part of the Baildon Children's Centre's outreach programme. Sponge Tree try to link in with each early years current theme. This theme was 'Water, water everywhere' and Sponge Tree came up with the idea of letting under fives create their own rain sticks form recycled materials. The results were fantastic and the children loved creating along side their parents or carers.

Willow Balls

Sponge Tree and A Level students at Airevalley School created these wonderful willow balls. The balls will be used at the Saltaire Arts Trail on 28th + 29th May 2011. Some of the willow balls will be stuffed with wool ready for the public to felt a piece of wool jewellery. Along side the felting workshop there will be interactive demonstrations form the Bradford Guild of handweavers, spinners + dyers.


Monday, 14 March 2011

Spring has almost sprung!

Come with me

Come with me - Oh, come + see!
There are blossoms on the cherry tree,
And though the oak tree is dark + bare,
A pair of robins are nesting there;
And any minute the willows mean
To burst out in leaf-their tips are green
So come along Oh, come with me-
It’s spring again + there’s lots to see!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Yellow daffodils

We know parents + carers really enjoyed helping to create their recycled garden daffodils this Wednesday. These daffodils made from scrap materials will brighten up any garden. If you want to make these at home please remember that all materials used need to be weather proof!