Sunday, 19 June 2011


Sponge tree loved the finished results of the felted butterflies and moths. They were all fantastic peices of art in their own right. We are so glad the heavens didn't open and everybody managed to stay dry and get creative. It was great to see all ages taking part too!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Our Learn, Make, Sell Event is coming!

Sponge Tree had the urge to create a fantastic enterprise event. What a great opportunity for all you crafty children and adults to be able to create items, to sell at your very own craft fair!

The week is split like this:

Monday 15th August - Textiles workshop 10am-4pm
We will teach you felting techniques, simple hand stitching projects and how to print onto fabric. Then we will inspire you by giving ideas on how to create corsages, bags, purses, bunting, cushions and lots more!

Tues 16th August Inspired - Upcyling Workshop 10-4pm
We will teach you how to convert and adapt every day objects into clothes, frames, jewellery, bags and many more gift items!

Wed 17th August - Paper Skills Workshop 10am-4pm
We will teach you how to use paper and create decorations, cards, stationery, books, decoupe, basket weaving and printing!

You choose one of the above workshops. Sponge Tree will deliver each workshop, which includes all materials to make at least 10 items for you to sell.

Then Thursday 18th August - Maker to seller training 10-12pm/1-3pm
Sponge Tree will help you learn how to present your creations to the public, ready for sale.

Friday 19th August Your very own ARTS + CRAFTS MARKET 10-2pm
This also means you make money back on what you sell!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Menston Childrens Centre Workshop

A few pictures of our Recycled Mobiles workshop
A finished recycled garden mobile

Weaving round a recycled bike wheel with plastic carrier bags