Sunday, 29 May 2011

Saltaire Arts Trail 28/29th May 2011

Thank you to everyone who helped make our two days of workshops a fantastic success! Thank you Bradford Guild for providing the wonderful carding, spinning, weaving + felting demonstrations. The people really enjoyed watching and learning, as did we.

Thank you to the A level Students at Aire Valley School  for doing a wonderful job at teaching children and adults how to make felted pieces. The students have worked very hard as part of their A Level projects. You all derserve high marks for this collaboration with Sponge Tree.
Teepee weaving

Drum Carding the wool

Weaving on a floor loom

Wet Felting

Some comments on the teepees " Great fun", "Great fun, keep it up!", "Very theraputic", "We loved running around and around the tepee", "We had alovely time helping to make this den", "Excellent project, will come back and sit inside at the end of the day!" and "Love this idea, might try this at home!"

Felted Bangle

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