Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Learn, make + sell event

Day 1 of the event was very successful. The workshop was textiles and we sectioned it into four parts.
1) Meet and greet-
When everyone was settled in the cafe area of Baildon Community Link, with a lovely cuppa, particpants were asked to look through various crafting magazines, books and examples. This helped the group to focus on which things they would prefer to create. We all introduced ourselves and talked about our craft experiences and knowledge.

Magazines recommended: Sew Hip, Handmade living, Making, Simply Homemade
Books recommended: Green Crafts for children, Sew! Cath Kidston, Making Stuff For Kids, Sew it up, Lotta Prints, Printed Pattern

2) After the short time of gathering thoughts and ideas, it was time for demonstrations.
First demonstration Wet Felting Techniques.
3)Second demonstration Hand Printing Techniques onto fabric
4)Get Creating! - After lunch it was time to select fabrics, buttons, zips, wool,tools, needles, thread, sewing machine and put all these ideas into practice!! Sponge Tree helped with ideas and techniques but most of the making came from the participants. It was lovely to step back and watch people getting creative. Everybody had different experiences and knowledge within the crafting world and everyone came up with fantastic ideas and did some wonderful items.
At 4pm participants were asked to take all materials needed home with them to produce at least 10 items, to then bring back and sell at the craft fair on Friday!!
Hooray what a lovely, exciting day!

We hope to see you there?? There will be a free children's activity available.

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