Tuesday, 7 February 2012


By having the opportunity to be creative you are having a positive impact on lots of other personal elements, in your life. 
Your senses are being stimulated, well being and quality of life is being improved, new skills are being developed, skills are being shared, self confidence is being built on and a healthy mind is being promoted. 

We have been providing "craft and chat" sessions and working with parents, who link with the children's centres. Parents learn new and different skills each week, whilst their children are looked after in the creche provided. This is a 1 1/2 - 2 hour session and we find the difference in people taking that time out for 2 hours a week is amazing!

Some of the feedback we have received from our craft + chat sessions so far:

"Enjoyed everything we made, and had a laugh with all the other girls!"

"Was lovely to have a break from my children."

"Really enjoyed the last few weeks. Thanks Nicola + Paula xx"

"I'm going to miss the craft + chat. Can't we do it all again?"

"Thanks for the opportunity to do this course!"

Each session has a fantastically relaxed and friendly atmosphere, whilst parents are taught new craft skills and techniques. We have covered crafts such as felt making, sewing, embroidery, rag rugging, weaving, book binding, fabric printing, paper craft, jewellery making, making from clay, all to name but a few.

"Had a nice time, very therapeutic."

"I really enjoyed going on the sewing machine, I was a bit scared at first but Paula helped me which was nice!"

"Surprising myself with what I have achieved."

"Find the craft, chat + laughter very therapeutic."

"The projects we have done have been relatively simple but very effective and are great for people of all abilities, especially non crafties like me!!"

"As a result of the sessions I am finding that I have been inspired to be more creative."

"When I was invited to the sessions I was very wary and a little reluctant. I also suffer from depression and I try to avoid new situations and people. I had absolutely no need to worry! Paula and Nicola are very easy going, lots of fun and great teachers."

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