Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Saplings colour sessions

Our Saplings colour sessions are aimed at children in their early years. Colour is a concept that young children can relate well to. It fits with the ever changing seasons and colour is happening all around us. Each session highlights a different colour each week and correlates it to what is happening in the world outside.

Each of our sessions are carefully written and developed to suit children ages 2 - 5 years and to use sensory and natural arts, play and discovery.



Each session has 2 activities; music; toys; songs and a story which  focus on the colour.  
1 of our activities is an adult and child shared activity, this focuses on developing fine motor skills and encouraging creative interaction. It is also a great way for adults to learn new skills too!

Most of the materials we use are sustainable, ethically sourced, taken from nature or community raised.

Start of session
We have a relaxed and calm structure which is child led.
Adults and children are invited to join us at the start of the session and we encourage children to practise a small amount of brain gym. This helps to focus the children and bring us together.
We briefly explain the colour for the week in line with what is happening in the natural world and show examples of the activities for that session. 

We explain how to make the activity and any risk factors for adults to consider.

Each session is individually risk assessed.

End of session
Adults and children are invited to join us at the end of the session for a story or a poem and songs relating to the colour of the week. 
We sing the rainbow song every week, to celebrate colour, with our rainbow wand.
Finally, we give a mission for the week and discuss the focus for the colour for the next week.

The sessions last for 1 hour.  

Sessions are term time only.






Comments and feedback from parents and carers 

"Love the emphasis on nature."

"My children have been introduced to different environmental concepts and experienced new sensations they would have never experienced at home."

"My child has learnt more about the world around her, 
 very friendly and lots on offer."

"Local, friendly and affordable."

"There is nothing like this in our area."

"We would love more sessions!"

"My child has learnt how to develop creativity and co ordination."

"Fantastic craft ideas looking into nature, given me good ideas  of how to teach nature in a fun way."

Sessions will be filled on a first come first served basis.
We really look forward to seeing you at one of our future sessions!

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